Friday, November 6, 2009

Don’t forget the safety aspects of Decorating

You’ve got the right idea, being sensitive to the energy crisis. Now, be equally attentive to your safety while doing your holiday installations. If at all possible, have someone stand nearby to hold the ladder for you. If you feel the need to do so, have a professional lighting expert install decorations for you this year that are too high for your comfort level. Your personal safety is worth a lot, and you will recoup the money spent by a better light bill in January. You will feel good about being the energy savings trendsetter on your block.

Energy saving can possibly pay for more lighting

By using the LED, solar lights, or rope lighting, you may even find it possible to add to your outdoor lighting display this year. You will recoup the savings in January when you receive a much lower electric bill. Icicle lights draped across the front of a house is especially attractive and cheerful. You will need to measure the house across using a 30 + foot tape measure. It’s a win-win; more lights for your home, less energy consumption.

Applications for Rope Lights

You might like the new rope lights that come on spools of from 12 to 30 feet in length. This makes it easy to go to your lighting store and get the amount you need. Carry some measurements with you so that the professional at the store will be able to help you with your necessary length needs. These lights are very easily wrapped around lamp posts, or deck railings and even tree trunks giving a festive holiday look. Rope lights save on energy consumption and give off 50% less heat. They are available in color and clear white bulbs.

Solar lights and LED bulbs

LED bulbs are the most energy efficient way to control the use of energy. They use 80% less energy than do the older bulbs and are attractive enough to complement your display. They come in rope type lights and icicle type. Solar lights are also plentiful this year for use at the end of driveways or along walkways for added appeal and safety when walking outside at night. The lights are mounted on short poles that can be pushed into the ground. Solar lights are completely powered by sunlight, so there is no electricity usage involved. Place them in direct sunlight.

Families need holiday joy: Use Outdoor Christmas Lights!

Christmas needs to be a joyous time of year, not only from the religious standpoint , but because it is a family time, a traditional time when joy and happiness are customary and needed. Decorate as fully and flamboyantly as you always do. Just try to do your outdoor lighting display this year with energy conservation in mind. If your lights have always been the huge outdoor lights, this year change over to the more efficient LED bulbs. Conserving energy is everyone’s responsibility. We can each do our part.